Top 5 Two-Way Motorola Radio Earpiece

Two Way Motorola Radio Earpiece

If discrete communications are important to you, then you want the Motorola radio earpiece to be discrete as well. They are very intuitive, easy to use, and allow users to keep radios on their belts. This helps to extend the life of the radio as it is less likely to fall. With a Motorola earpiece (or monitoring kit), you can run wires under your clothes and the Motorola earpiece is so small that it is almost invisible. Call Two Way Direct to find out which earpiece is right for your Motorola 2 way radio.

On the other hand, Need to free up your hands while communicating over your two-way radio? Your walkie-talkie set may include VOX technology for hands-free operation, but let’s face it—that is not a complete solution. A headset and earpiece allow you to speak and listen with your radio clipped securely to your belt.

What are Headsets and Earpiece?

Headsets and earpiece for two-way radio communication are designed to simplify your life. The cable connects the headset and earpiece to your two-way radio, allowing you to keep it attached to your belt. If you don’t have VOX, you have to press the button to talk, but if you have VOX, the operation is completely hands-free. You don’t need to hold the radio to your mouth to talk. Thanks to the headset, your voice is sent clearly to the recipient. Meanwhile, your earpiece allows you to hear the other party with the same clarity.
In short, the headset and earpiece do a good job of eliminating noise and improving the quality and comfort of communication on two-way radio devices.
Note that the headset and earpiece are not a two-way radio set! You need to buy a radio separately. This is just an accessory.

Which devices model will you use earpiece with?

Make sure that the earpiece can plug into the Motorola radio you plan to use. Here are some Motorola Radio models with plug.

Motorola Radio connectors

Where you use them for?

The functionality you need depends on how you use the two-way radio. For example, if you work safely, thoughtful design in a headset is important. If you are playing Airsoft, you need something that you can wear under a full face mask. If you work in crowded and noisy environments, you may need to cancel additional noise, and so on.

Recommended Features For Two Way Motorola Radio Earpiece


You can wear an earpiece all day. For this reason, comfort is a very important feature. The best earbuds have been made so discreet that you can actually forget to wear them.


The higher the background noise the headset and headset receive, the higher the quality for both incoming and outgoing communications.


A clear Earpiece and headset looks the best in any environment and can be important to prudence if you are working on a security post.


You may be wearing your headset and earpiece all day long. For this reason, comfort is a very important feature. The best earpieces are designed to be so unobtrusive that you can actually forget you are wearing them.


Make sure the type of connection is appropriate for your two-way radio and any other device that you plan to use with an earpiece or headset (MP3 player, etc.).

 G Shape Earpiece  Ear Hanger for Two Way Motorola Radio Earpiece


  • Extremely comfortable. This earpiece is so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it a few minutes after you put it on.
  • Works just like a walkie talkie. The  G Shape earpiece is so easy to use that even a small child could figure it out in less than 5 minutes.
  • Nifty design. You’ll look like an FBI agent when you don your G shape earpiece.
  • Compatible with all 2 pin radio. This compatible with all Motorola 2 pin Radios with 3.5 mm pin
  • Awesome sound quality. Crystal clear sound is transmitted every time.
  • Performs well on the paintball field. Your enemy will never hear you sneaking up on them because noise doesn’t leak out of the G shape earpiece


  • Overt solution: It does not go into ears as its overt earpiece.
  • Security: Not suitable for discreet communication.

Heavy Duty (HD) Earpiece


  • Reasonable price tag. Most FBI-style security headsets cost at least twice as much as the G shape earpiece.
  • Speak and be heard in loud environments. Because this earpiece plugs right into your ear, you’ll be able to hear what’s going on in even the noisiest environments.
  • Used by law enforcement. Many police officers are fans of the Heavy-duty earpiece.
  • Allows for private communication. In-ear headsets are more private than headsets that feature loudspeakers instead of earbuds.
  • Eliminates feedback. You’ll never have to worry about distortion created by sound feedback loops if you switch
  • Standard 3.5mm jack. Unlike many headsets, you can use this one with any device that has a standard 3.5mm jack.
  • Durable design. Durable Detachable acoustic ear tube and earbuds can be purchase separately. Heavy-duty plum Push to talk (PTT) provides seamless communication.

  • Irritating: Some people find using the acoustic tube irritating for a long shift.
  • Pain for some users: Uncomfortable and cause of pain for some users.
Covert Bodyguard Style PTT Earpiece
  • Crystal clear communication. The speech comes in loud and clear through the Motorola 2 pin radio
  • Good for snowboarding. When you have to wear mittens or gloves, this headset’s large PTT (Push To Talk) button comes in handy.
  • Stays attached to your head. If you take a tumble while wearing the Motorola, it’ll stay on your head.
  • TalkAbout compatible. If you already own a Motorola TalkAbout, get this headset if you use it to communicate via a CIA-style earpiece.
  • Super discreet. Nobody will hear your incoming transmissions but you if you have the Motorola 2 pin plugged in.
  • Durable clothing clip. The rugged clip is made out of high-quality plastic that won’t easily chip or crack.
  • Irritating: Some people find using the acoustic tube irritating for a long shift.
  • Pain for some users: Uncomfortable and cause of pain for some users.

HQ covert earpiece